[a walk on the beach with my brother-in-law]

So will you come?

To the beach?


It’s too cold.

It’s not too cold to stand with your feet in the water.

Why do you want to go the beach?

I want to stand in the ocean and play a song for John on my ukulele.


Why not?

It’s late.

We can drive there in time for the sunset.  People love walking on the beach at sunset.  People talk about that all the time.  When’s the last time you walked on a beach at sunset?

Galveston is not a beach.

Let’s go.  It’s nice to listen to music and drive in the car.  I want you to come and take my picture.

Why do you need to take a picture?

So I can remember the day we just decided to drive to the beach so I could play a song for John and we could walk at sunset.